Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE) was formed in June of 2020 by a multiethnic group of Roosevelt Alumni approaching their 50th Anniversary. RARE will give scholarships to senior students of color who have contributed to an atmosphere of racial equity at the school and in their communities and have shown a strong commitment to education. These James A Davis Jr Memorial Scholarships are named for a remarkable Black RHS ’71 alumnus who passed away in 2013. The scholarships, worth $5,000 each, can be used for college or trade school. They will be funded by donations to Golden Grads that are designated for the RARE scholarship account.

In addition to awarding scholarships, RARE is producing a documentary film, Roosevelt High School in Black and White, reflecting on the history of integration efforts at RHS and the situation today regarding racial equity. The film, which is intended for classroom use as well as for general audiences, is scheduled to be completed in late 2021.

To learn more about RARE follow this link: https://rhs4racialequity.org.

RARE Awards First RHS Scholarships

Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity (RARE) awarded two scholarships to RHS seniors on March 15, 2021. The two winners are Leah Scott and Elsabeth Assaye. To learn about this year’s amazing scholarship winners, go to: https://rhs4racialequity.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/RARE_Awards_First_Scholarships.pdf

In addition to the monetary awards, the winners will receive a gift of a quilt made by Julia Douthwaite Viglione expressly to celebrate them and their contributions to racial equity. You can see more of Julia’s work at www.honeygirlbooks.com

RARE Launches Matching Challenge Fundraising Campaign

At the same time RARE has announced an exciting Matching Challenge to reach its overall funding goal of $250,000, which would allow two annual scholarships to be awarded in perpetuity. Each dollar raised will be matched equally by a pledged donation from existing RARE donors! https://rhs4racialequity.org/wpcontent/uploads/2021/03/RARE_Matching_Challenge_Spring2021.pdf

Perhaps of special interest to Golden Grads members, RARE invites all members of the RHS community to attend our monthly Open Discussion sessions via Zoom!

The next discussion session is Monday, May 10 at 5 pm, and will be led by Brandon Hersey of the Seattle School Board (representing SE Seattle) on current racial equity issues and opportunities in Seattle schools, restorative justice, and how RARE could work with the Seattle School Board on improving racial equity. His presentation will be followed by an open discussion session. The Zoom link for the meeting is: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7783458583?pwd=N2M3UjFUaDhZL1hPNnVOQXdqRGNtQT09

The current theme of RARE’s discussion series is racial equity issues in Seattle schools – previous discussion leaders have been RHS principal Kristina Rodgers and members of the NAACP Youth Council. Read up on RARE and its activities and plans, including its Open Discussion sessions, and subscribe to the RARE newsletter! https://rhs4racialequity.org/rare-newsletter/