President’s Report for Fall 2022

By GG President Doug Whalley (’63)

We Are Planning a Luncheon for June 2023

Absent a major change in public health concerns, we will be able to hold a luncheon next June. Most of us are once again comfortable being around other people in public, especially since our members are an especially health-conscious crowd. We will let you know the details when we have more information.

Scott Brown Is Retiring

Roosevelt’s talented band director Scott Brown is stepping down after 38 years. See the details in this issue.

Yet Another New Principal

In its April 2022 edition, The Roosevelt News commented on the continued absence of first year Principal HkwauaQueJol Hollins since February. Seattle Public Schools initially reported Hollins was on leave, but later listed him as having left the district, and the school was without a principal the remainder of the school year.

On May 9, 2022, the school district announced the appointment of Ingraham Vice Principal Tami Brewer as Roosevelt’s new principal. Brewer, pictured here, began working as a teacher at Ingraham in 1994, so she is familiar with the district and with urban high schools. I spoke with her briefly in August and she struck me as a polite but firm administrator. Her comments are in this edition of the Grapevine.

Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity

RARE has a report in this issue about their successful event at Roosevelt in August for about 100 alumni. The RARE founders are graduates from 1971 and 1972 and Janet and I joined many alums from that era who were attending as part of their 50-year reunions. (1971’s reunion was delayed a year.) When RARE was organized two years ago, Golden Grads Treasurer Michael Bush helped them start their non-profit charitable organization, and Golden Grads continues to maintain RARE funds (separate from GG funds) and to distribute tuition payments for them.

Roosevelt Wall of Honor

The Roosevelt Foundation is sponsoring a “Roosevelt Wall of Honor” for 100 graduates, teachers, or staff. They are reviewing the candidates in preparation for announcing them at the school’s 100th anniversary celebration/open house next Spring.

Remembering Pastor Pat Wright

A highlight of our 2018 Spring Golden Grads Luncheon was the presence of Pastor Patrinell “Pat” Wright, Seattle’s “first lady of gospel”. She passed away August 30, 2022. At the GG luncheon, she spoke to us about the work she was doing with young people and agreed to sing one of her songs. Her voice was amazing.

Please Volunteer

We need volunteers for the committees that keep Golden Grads functioning. As volunteer jobs go, these are very convenient — our committees hold very few meetings (often online), the other committee members may be your classmates, and you are giving back to your alma mater in the best way possible. If you are interested, call me today — (206) 523-5636. Operators are standing by.

It’s Coming Up Fast – Time to Renew Your Membership in Golden Grads

Your 2023 membership is due in January

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Reminder: It’s Time to Add YOU to the Grapevine!

The deadline for sending your story to the Fall 2022 Grapevine is Wednesday!

from Golden Grads Secretary  Cathie Hogue Huffman, ’63

Hi Golden Grads!

Hoping you can send some news about yourself to the Grapevine editor Janet Whalley by the deadline Wednesday August 31.  Just a few sentences will be fine!

The Grapevine is much more interesting when you are in it!!!!!  Send your email to  or your Class Representative.

Thanks so much!

President’s Report for Spring 2022

By GG President Doug Whalley (’63)

No GG Luncheon this Year

Despite our desire to have a Golden Grads Luncheon in June 2022, the Board concluded that most members would still be very reluctant to attend. We are the vulnerable generation and must be more cautious than our children or grandchildren. In addition, we did not want to follow up a gathering by having to alert all the attendees that a server or guest tested positive for Covid.

Roosevelt’s 100th Anniversary and The Wall of Honor

As noted in last Fall’s Grapevine, plans are underway to celebrate Roosevelt’s centennial, led by the Roosevelt Foundation. The Golden Grads are working with them on planning an event at the school for the Spring of 2023. A highlight will be the unveiling of a Roosevelt “Wall of Honor”, identifying 100 outstanding Roosevelt graduates, teachers, or staff who deserve special recognition.

We want your recommendations for candidates.

The criteria for being chosen will be based on their professional achievements, service to society, support and service to Roosevelt High School, and advancement of racial, gender, or religious equality. The best candidates will meet at least two of those categories. Outstanding Roosevelt athletes already have recognition on the Sports Hall of Fame, but those that also served society outside of their sport are eligible for the Wall of Honor.  Look for a nomination form on the Roosevelt Foundation or Golden Grads Facebook pages, or on their websites;  Form is also on the emailed versions of the Grapevine.)  Particularly important is identifying eligible candidates who we did not know graduated from Roosevelt, or well-known graduates whose humanitarian activities were not previously recognized. Two such people are listed below:

Mildred “Milly” Logg Woodward, Class of 1937

With her husband Walt, Milly Woodward published the small Bainbridge Review newspaper.
During World War II they were among the few editors who were outspoken in opposing the
mass incarceration of Japanese Americans and in supporting Japanese Americans from
Bainbridge Island who were forcibly removed to Manzanar and Minidoka. Throughout the
war, the Woodwards engaged Nisei from Bainbridge to write regular dispatches to the Review
from the concentration camps, despite local opposition, threats, and subscription
cancelations. A school on Bainbridge is named for the Woodwards. The newspaper editor in
David Guterson’s book Snow Falling on Cedars is based in part on Milly and Walt Woodward.

Anthony Ray, Class of 1981

Grammy winner Anthony L. Ray, better known as Sir Mix-a-Lot, is a rapper, songwriter, and
record producer, best known for his 1992 hit “Baby Got Back”. Although he lived in south
Seattle, he was bussed to Roosevelt as part of Seattle’s effort to integrate the school system.
For him, it was a good experience. “I didn’t have the luxury of living in a neighborhood where
a good school was. We didn’t make that kind of money. So, from my perspective, it was the
best thing that could have happened to me.” In 2020, he promoted and participated in a virtual
concert for coronavirus relief and racial justice that raised over $55 million. He also led other
local artists to raise a COVID-19 relief fund for small, independently owned music venues
across the state.

Find Out More

. To see what else is happening this spring, go to one of the websites below:

For More on RHS Jazz Bands click here or visit the Jazz Boosters Calendar Page. For RHS Orchestra click here. For RHS Roughriders Band information click the Riders Band site. And for Roosevelt Drama events click here.

Spring Happenings at Roosevelt

Roosevelt High School Coming Back to Life!

by Cathie Hogue Huffman, ’63

Hello Golden Grads! 
Lots of things are happening at RHS…so Just-So-You-Know …

Theater News:

A strange thing happened when casting for Mama Mia (Sold out: sorry I wasn’t aware of the play earlier!)  Being short of male actors for this musical they auditioned members of the football team(!) and find the Drama students and Football athletes are melding well (anyone remember the Rhythm and Riot Review in the 60s?)  There’s a good article in the Seattle Times.  Here’s the link:

Roosevelt High School Theatre Department…/at-seattles-roosevelt…/

The Spring Musical will be Spongebob the Musical  May 12, 13, 14, 20 & 21 at 7 pm and May 21 & 22 at 2:30 pm.

Jazz Band:

The Jazz Band is one of the top 15 groups competing in the Essentially Ellington Competition and Festival this year…in New York again! The dates are May 5-7, 2022.  Previous RHS performances are available on uTube. They are truly amazing and when I find where the finals can be heard/seen I’ll let you know.  


 March 21, 7 p.m.: April Foolz Concert, Roosevelt Theater

 Concert, Chamber, & Symphony Orchestra, Roosevelt Theater

June 7, 6 p.m.: Final Concert, at the Roosevelt Theater Concert, Chamber, & Symphony Orchestras


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2.  Class news is due March 18th – send to:  (because this coming school year is Roosevelt’s 100th – you might want to write a memory from your time at Roosevelt.

3.   There will be no luncheon this coming June!  But activities are being planned for September ’22 through June of ’23 to celebrate the Centennial!

I hope this finds everyone returning to some type of normal!  It’s so good to see the students are able to participate and compete again!

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As the students and staff are preparing for a great year ahead, we too are planning some exciting opportunities for our alumni and fellow Golden Grads.

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Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black and White

RARE Documentary Film Premiere

From Steve Fisher, Class of ’71

A big event is approaching in the life of RARE: the premiere showing of its documentary film, Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black and White.  The premier showing of the film will occur online, via Zoom, on January 31 at 7 pm PST.  The film premier will be followed by a discussion led by Principal Q Hollins and others involved in the making of the film, with questions accepted from those attending. 

Click on the image below or visit Beyond Black and White to register for the zoom link.

Thank you.  If you know of any individuals or organizations you think would be interested in the film and in this event please share this. 

Happening in Spring of 2022

With the closure of RHS due to the Coronavirus Pandemic starting Spring 2020, all the school’s programs were cancelled. When school reopened, activities started up gradually with adjustments to protect students and audiences from the virus. The hoped-for 2022 Golden Grads Luncheon is cancelled due to the Covid surge. So we’re taking it one step at a time. To see what is happening this spring, go to one of the websites below:

For More on RHS Jazz Bands click here or visit the Jazz Boosters Calendar Page. For RHS Orchestra click here. For RHS Roughriders Band information click the Riders Band site. And for Roosevelt Drama events click here.

2022 Golden Grads Luncheon Cancelled Due to Covid

To protect all of us and our families, it’s necessary to again postpone the Annual Golden Grads Luncheon this year.

We were eagerly looking forward to finally being able to hold the much-anticipated event.  But it was not to be. The Golden Grads Board of Directors just voted to cancel it due to the current surge in Covid-19 cases, and the highly transmissible nature of the new Omicron variant.

So, fingers crossed, we are now planning for the 2023 Golden Grads Luncheon.