Golden Grads Goals

RHS Golden Grads has two main goals to accomplish each year: (1) to contribute money for RHS Student Scholarships and (2) contribute money for the RHS Teachers Wish List.

The following was spent in former years:

Scholarships – in 2005-06 $22,500 and 2006-07 $29,000 was given

Wish List – in 2005-06 $22,500 and 2006-07 $11,000 was given.

How You Can Help

We have an annual luncheon each May (we each pay for our own lunch) and each August a Picnic Pot Luck at a local park. You can help Golden Grads in all its good works by becoming a dues paying Golden Grads member, volunteering on a committee or becoming an officer — and most importantly making a donation to a very worthy cause.

Contributions Are Key

Contributions from former graduates are key to being able to provide these benefits for Roosevelt students and teachers. Golden Grads membership dues go toward the two issues of Grapevine each year, which cost to print and mail, and also help to pay for guests (scholarship recipients) at the luncheon. Roosevelt High School Golden Grads Association has a tax exempt status under 501 (c)3 of Internal Revenue Code.