June 2007 archive

A Fond Farewell To Jeanne Defriel Gardiner

The world lost Jeanne DeFriel Gardiner ’30 on April 23, 2006. She was the founder and first president of the Rooselvelt High School Golden Grads. Jeanne treated the Golden Grads as a full-time job. She was on the phone daily with Golden Grads’ business in keeping track of all of the members and the various …

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Golden Grads Goals

RHS Golden Grads has two main goals to accomplish each year: (1) to contribute money for RHS Student Scholarships and (2) contribute money for the RHS Teachers Wish List. The following was spent in former years: Scholarships – in 2005-06 $22,500 and 2006-07 $29,000 was given Wish List – in 2005-06 $22,500 and 2006-07 $11,000 …

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Welcome to the New Golden Grads Page

[Note: this was the beginning of the Golden Grads site as a page on rhs53.com] This page of the rhs53.com web site has been dedicated to Roosevelt High School Golden Grads! We would like to invite all Roosevelt alumni who graduated 50 years ago or more to join us, and help make a difference for …

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