Golden Grads President’s Report for Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Golden Grads President’s Report

Doug Whalley ‘63

The Annual Golden Grads Luncheon

The June 12th luncheon at the Nile Country Club is our only event exclusively for Golden Grads members, and it is a great opportunity to get together with other alums. Class reunions are fun, but our luncheon connects you to both your class and friends from other years. You hear an update on the school, meet the principal and our scholarship winners, and enjoy a short performance by student singers, dancers, or musicians. We chose the Nile, now called the Nile Shriners Center, because it has easy access off I-5; parking is abundant, free, and close; and there are no stairways to climb. Roosevelt football coach Sam Adams, a former first round draft pick for the Seattle Seahawks, will be a speaker.

Our New Luncheon Chairs

Ann Reid ’68 and Heidi Liniger Olson ’72 have volunteered to be our new luncheon chairs, a position vacant since long-time chair Cindy Dack ’60 retired last year. Their qualifications are impressive. Ann worked at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce from 1998 to 2015, managing luncheons, receptions, and breakfasts; selecting venues; and choosing menus. Heidi was President of the Holland America Line Social Committee. The committee planned annual Christmas parties for 1,200 attendees. This included finding venues at major hotels and setting up catering, menus, and other activities.

Thank You to Judy Crossett Cromwell ’60

Judy is retiring as chair of the Scholarship Committee (formerly the “Merit Scholarship” Committee). She began volunteering on the committee several years ago and has been chair since 2021. The committee works hard interviewing scholarship candidates each Spring and deciding on the amounts awarded. If the new chair is not drafted – I mean “selected”—before the Grapevine is published, we will announce his or her name at the luncheon.

Keeping Up with Roosevelt News

This newsletter gives you a hint of what is happening at your school, but there are many other ways to get news of Roosevelt. Golden Grads’ Web Master, Ellen Brown Hewitt ‘53, runs our own website,, featuring news of both Golden Grads and the school. If you search the web for “Roosevelt High Seattle”, you will also find sites for the Roosevelt Foundation, RARE (Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity), Roosevelt sports teams, the band, the orchestra, and other activities. Several Facebook pages about the school can be found by searching Facebook for “Roosevelt High Seattle”.  A few individual RHS alumni classes also have Facebook sites. Our own site on Facebook is Roosevelt Golden Grads. I host it, and welcome comments or postings by members.

If You Only Scanned That Last Paragraph

You may have missed an important item. Our website manager, Ellen Brown Hewitt, graduated in 1953. She is our only Board or committee member who graduated in the 1950’s, and she handles our most technically difficult activity with ease. Ellen recently explained to me how we were going to hire PayPal to allow us to accept dues and donations online. I did not understand the technology involved, but I checked with my son who works at Microsoft. He said it sounded great.

Seattle Schools Are Facing a Budget Crisis

Principal Tami Brewer informs us that Seattle schools will make dramatic cuts next year in staff and programs. Because of falling enrollment in Seattle and elsewhere, State support has been substantially reduced. Golden Grads has limited flexibility in our donations, since we rely on interest from our investments, but we will review where our funds go.