How to Get Your Story Included in the Grapevine

by Grapevine Editor Janet Whalley

The Grapevine is much more interesting when you are in it!!!!! Try to scribble down some notes about what you’ve been doing or planning and send it to your Class representative or me as soon as soon as you can do so. It’s really easy to do.  Just a few sentences are fine!

Address your email to me at or your Class Rep as listed in the Grapevine. Class reps should solicit their classmates’ reports and/or compose a report to me for the next Grapevine and send, or better, email to me. (NOTE – Reports and articles received with GG Membership forms will be sent directly to me by the Membership Registrar to put into the appropriate class report section.) I need all reports and information by the deadline in order to get the Grapevine out on time. All your efforts are greatly appreciated!

And remember, Grapevines are sent out by email (preferred) or snail mail to members who are up to date on their dues. Now is the time to catch up if you haven’t sent your dues in yet.